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Image Love Island Season 1

Love Island Season 1

Release Date 2021-08-15
Runtime 43 minutes
Genres Reality
Stars Gabe Sadowsky, Charlie Lynch, Raul Frias, Andrew John Phillips, Kay Taylor
Directors Ally Capriotti Grant, Blake Garrett, Alicia Martino, Ben Thursby, Crystal Sanchez

American version of the British dating reality competition in which ten singles come to stay in a villa for a few weeks and have to couple up with one another. Over the course of those weeks, they face the public vote and might be eliminated from the show. Other islanders join and try to break up the couples.

1. Episode 1


Meet the contestants on the US version of UK hit reality show Love Island.

2. Episode 2


3. Episode 3


4. Episode 4


5. Episode 5


6. Episode 6


7. Episode 7


8. Episode 8


9. Episode 9


10. Episode 10


11. Episode 11


12. Episode 12


13. Episode 13


14. Episode 14


Yamen grows increasingly frustrated when some of the Islanders accuse him of being a player, while Weston and Kelsey embark on a romantic (and restorative) date that brings them closer together. Then, an unexpected dumping leaves the entire Villa shook.

15. Episode 15


16. Episode 16


17. Episode 17


A savage recoupling ceremony sends three Islanders packing and the remaining pairs reeling. Plus, Ray and Caro check into the Hideaway for a passionate evening alone, but it's Weston and Emily's steamy PDA session that has the whole Villa buzzing.

18. Episode 18


Weston looks like Emily's dream guy until the girls tell her about the good old boy's less attractive qualities. Feeling duped, Emily confronts her new boo, who doesn't take kindly to his character being questioned and does whatever he can to save face. But will it be enough to stay in the Villa with Emily?

19. Episode 19


As we inch closer to the finale, the Islanders say goodbye to yet another couple before embarking on their craziest challenge yet-parenting! Lucky for Caro, her knack for baby talk with Ray helps them win a gold star for guardianship. Unfortunately, jubilation is fleeting because another dumping is right around the corner.

20. Episode 20


The Villa gets two more vacancies when America chooses which four couples make it to the finale. Meanwhile, Kyra gets a little help from cupid (or the production team) when she unexpectedly reunites with her true love. Plus, two couples set out on their final dates and both end in tears--but, like, in a good way.

21. Episode 21


The last two couples go on their final dates before a surprise visit from their nearest and dearest. While some parents can't wait to set a wedding date for the dreamy duos, others are a lot more skeptical that these relationships are built to last. With only one episode left, who will America vote as the winning couple?

22. Episode 22


Day 31 at the villa in Fiji. America votes to choose the winning couple.